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All invoices in one place


Never miss a due date


Secure and simple


Collect all your invoices in one place. Receive them directly in your Pay2n account or scan your paper invoices with your smartphone.


Receive e-invoices directly from your suppliers in a single click, independently of what bank you use. We believe there is an alternative to the current bank infrastructure and we want to give you as the consumer control over your own invoices.


Collect all your invoices in one place using the sophisticated scanning application. Scan your paper invoices using your smartphone and save it electronically in your Pay2n account.

The cloud

Collecting all your invoices in one secure place in the cloud lets you get access anywhere and anytime, simply using a computer or your mobile phone. Your invoices are stored and available as long as you want.


Organize your invoices and get a perfect overview and increased control. With Pay2n you can be certain that all your invoices are paid in time and never lost or forgotten.


Soon you will be able to log in with your Facebook account, so you do not have to keep track of yet another account. This also opens up opportunities for easy sharing of information and knowledge.

Get organized

We want you to always feel confident and be absolutely certain that no bill is forgotten. Pay2n helps you keep track of when it is time to make payments.


Our philosophy is that you should be able to control how you share information with others. And it should be simple.


Pay your invoices with a single click, independently of what Internet bank you use.


Pay2n helps you fill in the internet bank forms, the way you usually pay your bills - but automatically. No more cumbersome, manual input.

Bank independent

Pay your bills when you want to, independently or regardless of what bank or bank account.


Our goal is that you should be able to with one simple click on you mobile phone, pay your bills, wherever you are.